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Jose Maria DeCastro, at times, has claimed to have no criminal record. Common definitions provided.
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State of Maryland v. Jose DeCastro

On June 7, 2024, a motion to postpone was filed. The motion was GRANTED on June 10, 2024. The trial has now been postponed/reset. The new date is September 3, 2024.

On Febuary 26, 2024, Collin Campbell, Jose DeCastro's one-time business partner, filed for a Peace Order against Mr. DeCastro after Mr. DeCastro took to his YouTube channel, Delete Lawz, and made threats against him. A temporary order was granted and a hearing for a permanent order has been scheduled for March 4, 2024 at 3 PM (Eastern).

See Campbell v. DeCastro (D-09-24-CV-809545) for more information on the civil case.

After filing for a Peace Order, and after the Temporary Order was issued, Collin Campbell filed paperwork requesting criminal charges be filed for a possible violation of the protection order. On the same day the Temporary Order was issued, a criminal case was opened and the records indicate probable cause exists. The charges appear below.


City of Las Vegas v. DeCastro

Multiple parties have requested the arresting officer's body worn camera (BWC) video. As soon as that becomes available we will either post it on this site, or provide links to the posting parties website.

On February 15, 2024, Jose Maria DeCastro was arrested for Obstructing/False Info To P. O. We are currently gathering more information and will update this page as the details and documents become available.

An arraignment was held on March 18, 2024. At that time, Jose DeCastro plead 'not-guilty' and the next step in the process was scheduled. Initally, a pre-trial hearing/conference was schedule for May 1st, 2024, but that has since been continued multiple times and is now scheduled for August 13, 2024, at 1:30 PM Pacific Time.

State of Nevada (LVMPD) v. Jose DeCastro

On April 17, Mr. DeCastro filed a Federal Lawsuit in retaliation for this arrest.
DeCastro v. Las Vegas Metro. PD et al

On March 15, 2023, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged with Obstructing a Public Officer and Resisting a Public Officer when, while broadcasting live on his Delete Lawz YouTube channel, he recorded himself interfering with a Las Vegas Metro Police Department traffic stop. His information briefly appeared on the Clark County Inmate Lookup website. Based on a video posted by Mr. DeCastro a short time after the arrest appeared on the court website, and the fact that his jail information was removed within a few hours, his time in jail was relatively short.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Jose DeCastro was found Guilty on both counts. He was sentenced to 90-days on each, with the sentences to run consectutively. He appealed to theNevada Eighth Judicial District Court. In the meantime, Mr. DeCastro filed a motion for bail and release pending his appeal. On April 1, 2024, Judge Zimmerman DENIED the motion. He then filed a motion for bail and release to the Eighth Judical District Court, which was denied on April 9, 2024.

On July 10, 2024, DeCastro's appeal to the Nevada Eighth Judicial District Count was heard. Judge Levitt granted his appeal and reversed his conviction, allowing him to be released from the Clark County Detention Center around July 11, 2024 after serving approximately 130 days of his sentence.

Arrest Mugshot
Arrest Mugshot
Arrest Mugshot

City of Oregon v. DeCastro

On November 23rd, 2022, a complaint was lodged against Jose DeCastro. This resulted in charges of Telecommunications Harassment being filed against Mr. Decastro by the City of Oregon Police Department. He was to be held on a of $2500 if he returned and arrested.

According to the article by Jim Finch from Really Cool News over atReallyCoolSite.org:

The charges stem from a November 2022 incident where Kate Peter and DeCastro were in the side chat for a fundraiser in order to raise bail money for YouTuber Broken System Broken Trust.

Peter offered enough money on behalf of the Masshole Troll Mafia to meet the goal for the bail in exchange for a mod timing out DeCastro. Great Lakes Audits complied with the request, triggering DeCastro.

DeCastro allegedly confronted Great Lakes Audit via direct messages and continued to make threats after Great Lakes Audits asked for no more communication between the two.

Great Lakes Audit went to the police and made a police report, resulting in the warrant that was issued but never carried out since 2022. The charges were listed as “Telecommunications Harassment Knowingly Make Call to Harass or Abuse” and bond was set at $2,500.00.

The warrant has been alive but inactive since then, as DeCastro had not returned to Ohio and Oregon, Ohio, police were not going to extradite the YouTuber.

In September of 2023 Great Lakes Audit made a deal with DeCastro to drop the charges against him in exchange for DeCastro doing a fundraiser for Great Lakes Audit’s on-going legal expenses.

The planned fundraiser never materialized and while Great Lakes Audit claimed that he was going to have the charges against DeCastro lifted, he either never did or he did, and the warrant was never lifted.

It was officially lifted on June 11, 2024, when it was ordered withdrawn, and the case was dismissed without cost. No reason was given for the dismissal of the case.

Due to the unique nature of this case, we are not including it in our DeCastro Scorecard totals.


City of Ironton v. DeCastro

As of June 15, 2024, there is still an ACTIVE WARRANT in Ohio for this case according to the Court's website.

Charges were filed by the City of Ironton after Jose Maria DeCastro refused to leave a city building after closing hours, claiming his unpermitted 'training class' was now a 'protest'. After a court date was set regarding a possible violation of conditional release which Mr. DeCastro claimed was a 'set up,' Mr. DeCastro left town and a bench warrant was issued when he failed to appear.

People v. DeCastro (BA441837)

On November 29, 2015, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged with violating California Penal Code 422(A) - Criminal Threats. The case went through numerous preliminary and pretrial hearings. On, April 8, 2023, the date of the Jury Trial, the court records found so far indicate that the case was either DISMISSED or NOT PROSECUTED with no other information provided.

People v. DeCastro (BA237023)

This information is a summary of what we have found using public background searches, information obtained via other court cases, and self-admissions made by Mr. DeCastro and posted by him to his YouTube channel.

Based on the dates of the violations for the cases immediately before and after this one, we believe this incident would have taken place around the end of September or the very beginning of October, 2002. The information we have found so far indicates that Mr. DeCastro may have been originally arrested and charged with Felony Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance and/or Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale.

Charge Description Level Disposition
1 POS/PUR F/SALE NARC/C/CUB Felony Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ)
Dismissed Upon Successful Completion of the Program

State of Texas v. DeCastro (222878)

On 08/09/1998 JOSE MARIA DECASTRO was booked into the Denton County Jail in Texas after being arrested by the Hickory Creek Police Department. He was released the next day. The charges on the document appear to be codes that include Expired Registration and Expired Insurance, along with other arrestable offences (thus meeting the criteria for our Criminal Tag). Based upon a BeenVerified.com report, charges also appear to include Failure to Wear Personal Floatation Device on a Watercraft and Failure to Show a Driver's License On Demand. This appears to be the incident he referred to in his videos as an arrest while using a Jet Ski in Texas. The final charge code on the Jail Records Search Detail report FTA, a common abbreviation for Failure to Appear, which would explain why we have not been able to find a court docket.

Denton County Mug Shot

State of Oregon v. DeCastro (DCR9611703-D)

On December 31, 1995, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged Giving False Information to a Police Officer. According to the attached court record, an Arrest Warrant was issued on May 8, 1996. The record appears to show no activity over the next 8 years and so, between August and September, 2008, the case was DISMISSED and the warrant recalled.

State of Oregon v. DeCastro (TC9512033-D)

On May 4, 1995, possibly on the traffic stop on the same day, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged Giving False Information to a Police Officer. According to the attached court record, he plead GUILTY and may have lost his driver's license for a year.

State of Oregon v. DeCastro (9560193-D)

On May 4, 1995, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged with several motor vehicle infractions. Exceed Maximum Speed, Opr Vehcile/Vio Restrictions, and Driving Uninsured. The charges were all listed as DISMISSED on June 1, 1995.

The 'Opr Vehicle/Vio Restrictions' statute appears to be 'Driving wo License' which give qualifies this record for inclusion in the 'Criminal Record ?' category.

State of Oregon v. DeCastro (DCR9412084-D)

On April 1, 1994, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged Giving False Information to a Police Officer. According to the attached court record, a warrant was issued on July 14, 1994 for Failure to Appear. On July 18, a motion was filed to disqualify the Judge. Another warrant, this time an Arrest Warrant, was issued on February 17, 1995. On June 6, 1999, the case is shown as having been DISMISSED and the warrant quashed.

State of Oregon v. DeCastro (DCR9313738-D)

On December 6, 1993. Jose Maria DeCastro was charged with Theft in the Second Degree, a misdemeanor. According to the attached court record, he was found GUILTY. At one point a Warrant had been issued but was later recalled.

State of Oregon v. DeCastro (CR931476-D)

On September 25, 1995. Jose Maria DeCastro was charged with 2 misdemeanors, Stalking and Disorderly Conduct. According to the attached court record, he was found GUILTY on the stalking charge and took part in a diversion program. There is no disposition shown for the Disorderly Conduct charge. At one point a Warrant had been issued but was later recalled.

State of Alaska vs. Decastro, Jose

On August 24, 1993, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged Driving while License Canceled, Suspended, Revoked, or in Violation of a Limitation which was later amended to No Valid Operators License. At one point a Warrant was issued for Failure To Appear which was later recalled. Plea of No Contest entered. This fits the common definition of a Criminal Traffic Violation and has been tagged as such in our system.

State of Alaska vs. Decastro, Jose

On June 25, 1990, Jose Maria DeCastro was charged Driving without a Valid Operating License. This fits the common definition of a Criminal Traffic Violation and has thus been tagged as such in our system.

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